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Basic Phone lines and Centrex
We can offer nationwide telephone service from a multitude of carriers, with Month to Month or Annual Contracts.

Involves the digitization of the telephone network, which permits voice and data to be transmitted over the same line. Caller ID and direct inward dialing in included with this type of T1.

Long Distance
We can provide the best dedicated and Switched rates for your specific needs, whether you need nationwide or worldwide calling plans.

Dedicated LD T1
If your company has a high volume of long distance calling, this is a perfect solution. Your calling will routed on a dedicated T1 with extremely low volume rates while providing the clearest in digital quality. We offer rates at $0.01 per minutes depending on the commitment. Also free installation if qualified.

Fully Hosted and managed Solution (VoIP, HPBX)
This solution allows you to manage your company’s phone system in a whole new way. This solution enables you to have all the robust features of a traditional system with out spending all the money. Web applications enable you to manage users, extensions, email and voicemail right from your desk. This is a major time and resource saving solution.

Audio and Video Conferencing
High definition video and pure digital audio bring people from around the world together in a virtual meeting place. Fully managed meeting services will handle every aspect from invitations, troubleshooting, and follow up meeting notes.

Wireless/ Cellular Services
We offer wireless phone and internet services through various providers.

Voice as a Service (VAAS)
A newer platform that provides a total voice solution without costly and frequent equipment upgrades. It is a hosted solution that focuses on your company’s voice services.